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Every day as many as 5,000 advertisers try to convince us of their product or service. That’s just too many messages to take in. And your marketing actions are one of them. So how do you stand out?

During intakes, we often get this question: ‘we want to focus our resources on digital lead generation and therefore need a good brand story’. We cannot emphasise enough that every successful marketing campaign results from a strong brand and not the other way around. Your brand is your foundation, your calibrated compass. The key to success is making the right brand story reflecting the DNA of your organisation.

Our Brand Check© indicates which cards to play for an effective brand story. That way you will stand out!

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Over the years we developed an efficient Brand Check© for our clients to quickly and accurately reveal their working points. Our analyses also immediately puts the priorities on the table to make their brand communication more successful. We now offer our Brand Check© as a separate service.

“The Brand Check© quickly gives you a state of affairs. It practically exposes your most important working points to write a strong brand story with successful (online) marketing actions. Not a long document, but a quick scan, from brand positioning to digital web presence. You get results right away.”
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We like to keep it simple:
Green is ok, orange are your quick wins, red are your focus points.

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To the point

The Brand Check© analyses your performance on 5 points:

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1. Branding & Strategy

First, we look at how strong your brand is. All too often, organisations see their brand positioning as ‘tinkering’ with a visually strong look & feel to create leads. This is necessary, but you must first ensure that your overall brand strategy is sound and follows a well thought-out plan. Otherwise, your communication is guaranteed to have the wrong look & feel and you will face the consequences. The Brand Check© is the benchmark to see where your brand story can make quick progress.

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2. Brand Personality

Next, we look for your brand personality. What about your appearance? What are your essential and unique characteristics, what is your brand personality?

Strong brands are built on a certain archetype. The archetype defines the specific characteristics of the brand and the way we communicate. Archetypes are characterised by universal character traits that people share. Everyone recognises them intuitively: they are part of our collective unconscious mind. What about the archetype in your communication?

We analyse 3 aspects of your brand personality:

  • How unique is your appearance?
  • How authentic is your character?
  • How well do you connect with your audience?
3. Brand touchpoints

Third, we check whether each touchpoint with your audience is well-considered. Is it correctly positioned in your brand strategy? And how does a touchpoint contribute to your marketing goals? Is the message and creative design aligned to your marketing funnel phase?

For the Brand Check© we focus on the most important digital brand touchpoints. That’s what our clients ask for most often. We can also do a broader analysis. We discuss this during the intake.

Is the type of message sufficiently diverse to continue to excite your audience and to stimulate them towards ambassadorship? And is your message both brand-building and sales-driven so that it contributes to your long-term and short-term strategy?

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4. Online presence & Reputation

The success of your online presence depends on a whole series of factors: the performance of your website, your ranking in the search engines like Google Search, your visibility on social network algorithms, etc.

In this fourth part, our Brand Check© evaluates your online presence on ten points: What is the loading speed? What about optimisation for mobile devices? Is there a clear navigation structure? What about your results on Google Search? How are your landing pages structured and are they optimised to attract your potential customers? What types of online publications do you work with and what are the volumes? In short, what about the status and build-up of your online reputation?

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5. (Online) marketing

Even the best-tuned online presence can use a boost. (Online) Marketing is essential for your success story. The Brand Check© analyses your approach and identifies your opportunities (such as publishing ads on different platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin…, setting up and managing a mailing list,…). Your objective is always to bring the right potential customers who best fit your brand into contact with your company. What value do they get from your brand and how will they convert?

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Filip Bullens

Filip Bullens

Brand strategist

Make your mark. Filip (aka Jack Cojak) puts his professional soul into every project and pushes his creative brain to the limit to get to the essence of your brand strategy. His design antennae are always on point.

A communication heavyweight with more than 25 years of experience on the counter. As the owner of the brand agency Cojak, he helps brands write history and assists clients in their brand communication and marketing. Filip is a communication expert in various coaching processes. Triple Challenge is his sustainable and sporty side-project and, his meaningful outlet.

Filip on LinkedIn

Batist Vermeulen

Batist Vermeulen

Art Director

Advocate-of-the-devil Batist juggles with creative concepts. He likes to be challenged on brand issues and is not afraid of a blank page. His mission: to bring art back into Art Direction. As a guest lecturer in concept and ideation, he gets great satisfaction from guiding and directing students.

Getting the creative potential out of each project is his drive. Whether it’s sculptural works, games or an online communication campaign, Batist makes sure that every creative project sees the light of day and stands out in form and content.

Batist on LinkedIn

Rodrigo Costa

Rodrigo Costa

Online Marketeer

Among all these creative forces, Rodrigo is the zen master of lead generation, digital marketing and social media coordination. Nothing escapes his analytical eye. Hands-on but feet on the ground.

Rodrigo has over 20 years of experience in creating, maintaining and optimising digital web solutions in various industries. With MyDigitalBizz he puts this knowledge at the service of everyone who wants to put his or her company digitally on the map.

Rodrigo on LinkedIn

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